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Shyness & Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder? Recommended Products

Included below is a list and brief description of premium products I endorse for those who battle with shyness & social anxiety and for those who panic when in social settings, or experience panic attacks in any event, but simply don’t know the reason why.

I take part in affiliate programs for everything listed below and can confidently recommend these products, to provide the support and much needed self help approaches to enable you to overcome and change these aspects of yourself, and get back your carefree existence by turning the problem around.


The Shyness and Social Anxiety System by Sean Cooper

The Shyness and Social Anxiety SystemSean’s personal viewpoint and program is a targeted and comprehensive approach to the social anxiety and shyness problem. His method can teach you how to overcome social anxiety and shyness because he is someone who has actually been through it himself and it is advice that delivers results and not just one that sounds “good on paper”.

 Talking From Experience

No one can even remotely understand social anxiety and shyness unless they have actually experienced it. How can they comprehend the feeling that you cannot utter a word because your heart is pounding so fast that you can feel it in the back of your throat. The very idea of starting a conversation with someone shakes you so much that it breaks you out in a sweat, and your hands are so slippery with perspiration that you dare not shake hands with the other person.

Your thoughts are so centered on these sensations and the fear of making a mistake or making a fool of yourself immobilizes you, and you find it difficult to break free… thus you make a life for yourself… of loneliness and despair.

The Journey  – Feeling Alone and Isolated

Sean started from where you are now. And knows the agony of the loneliness shyness and social anxiety can cause. Taken from his own experience his program teaches you how to overcome and learn how to be more outgoing, make friends and be more social, this can be a huge turning point in your life. Sean studied how to overcome his problem from the likes of Albert Ellis and Carl Jung, through to anxiety specialists like David D. Burns.

He states that many of the courses he encountered on his journey to finding a solution were written by people who he felt never experienced this debilitating affliction themselves, and his encounter with the stock answer to his problem… “What’s the worst that can happen” or “Fake it till you make it” did not cut it with him.

People Who Have Never Been Shy
Can ONLY Guide

Sean strongly felt that people who have never had shyness or social anxiety can guide, but they can never really understand the experience people have when battling with the problem of trying to change these aspects of themselves.
With no success from most of the available models to cure his own social anxiety, he created his own path, to develop a new and different program that combined the best advice he found over his years of research.

This is a program we can recommend as Sean has been through it himself and understands the impact social shyness can have on our lives. I highly recommend that you take the steps to stop feeling on edge when around others, and find people to connect with to help you live the full and productive lifestyle you deserve.

The 1st step to take on first contact with Sean’s model is to read the best tips and advice on how to overcome shyness and anxiety. When you sign up for his free 7 day email course you can try out what he teaches.

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System: Click Here!


The Panic Away program by Barry McDonagh

Panic AwayBarry ascertains that traditional approaches are not the answer because they are built on a premise the anxiety can be managed throughout life by coping with it in the best way you can. This band-aid approach is not really a solution nor is it getting to the core of the problem… that of fear based on fear.

Why Traditional Approaches To Anxiety and Panic Sometimes Don’t Work

Often people find that tying to ‘manage’ their anxiety does not work in the long term, and if this applies to you then it is time to seek an alternative method with the tools that allow you to put the break on the fear that holds you back, the fear that creates a vicious cycle of panic and anxiety.

How Panic and Anxiety Manifests Itself

Barry calls this cycle, the fear of fear… The Panic Loop. It starts with the body feeling unwelcome sensations such as a pounding heart, the fear has set in, you might not know why but it is there, it has started. The next stage is an overreaction to this sensation which triggers more fear, leading to a full blow panic attack. Once that subsides you are left with a feeling of high anxiety and the fear that it is soon going to happen again.

Giving You The Tools To Turn The Problem Around For Lasting Effects

The Panic Away program gives victims the tools to short-circuit that vicious cycle. By neutralizing and stripping away that fear, you can stop the dread of anxiety and panic attacks and turn the problem around.

His method gives you the working tools that can help you get lasting effects rather than just leaving you struggling to ‘manage’ the problem.

The approach has been developed from over 10 years of experience of coaching many people to allow them to emerge from total restriction to freedom.

Barry’s 21-7 technique breaks the pattern and works incredibly well for any particular anxiety situation, from general anxiety, driving, shopping, as well as full blown panic attacks. It gives you the means to step into it and feel confident of success with a full money back guarantee to fall back on.

Panic Away: Click Here!


Scardies Away For Children Helping With Their Fears

This book was written by Barry McDonagh author of Panic Away and Stacy Fiorile a certified school psychologist.

Fears are very real to children and they need reassurance when anxious, the book entitled Scardies Away covers some of the common fears that children hold, and is a book that should be on every parent or child’s bookshelf.

The content is targeted to children ages 6 – 12 years and contains simple but powerful techniques to allow any child to feel as though they can overcome and control their fears.