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Is Shyness Genetic? New Scientific Facts Reveal The Answer

Is shyness genetic? I have often wondered if shyness could be passed down through the generations. I don’t recall being so shy in my early childhood, however it certainly crept up on me as I matured.

is shyness genetic

My parents, although they liked a social get together, were reserved and as a result they were not the most outgoing of people. Observing them through a child’s eyes, that this trait controlled and affected their relationships with other people.

Like me, my siblings were shy, or maybe I should say a little withdrawn when around others, particularly within larger groups.  In my sister case, this manifested into acute anxiety later in life, and it seriously put a blight on the quality of her life.

Given my families predisposition, I began to wonder whether shyness was inherited or learned behavior. Could it indeed be a result of a personal response to negative reactions, during the day to day interactions with other people in the formative years.

Importantly, does it lead to acute anxiety later in life that will severely control your relationships with others?

Is Shyness Genetic?

So, do children merely mimicking their parents’ social exchanges or do they inherit a shy gene?

Here is an interesting article reposted with permission from Sean Cooper, a life expert on social shyness and anxiety, and a man with a mission to help others overcome this devastating affliction.

Read on to learn what he has the has to say about this topic…

Sean Cooper on Social Shyness

If you have been shy all your life, then it is easy to believe that shyness could be genetic. For example, I used to be shy as far back as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of hiding behind my mother’s leg when guests came over to visit. That’s how shy I was!

But then there are other cases. Many people find that they were never shy as a child, but as they become teenagers or adolescents, they start becoming more withdrawn and introverted. Some people may see this happening and say it’s a “phase” they’re going through, but often these changes stay with someone even as they become an adult.

So what’s the answer? Is shyness genetic or a personality trait or something else altogether? Many people think that shyness is just something someone is born with, like their eye color or height. However, new scientific evidence proves otherwise.

The Scientific Results

What scientists and psychologists have discovered is that shyness is not genetic in the sense that it is engrained into your genes. If a scientist were to look into your DNA, they would not find a “shy gene” that makes you the way you are. So shyness is not genetic in the way most people would assume.

However, scientists have also found that your genes may have had a role to play in causing your shyness. Some people may have a certain gene that makes it easier for them to eventually become shy. The catch is, they only become shy when their gene is combined with a variety of other environmental factors.

Let me explain this in more detail. Whenever someone asks a question about the cause of their shyness, it’s always tricky to answer. The reason why is that shyness does not have one single cause like many diseases would. Shyness is multi-determined, which means that several different factors must work together to cause it in a given person.

Other Factors

Some of the factors in causing shyness are genetic, they are things you are born with. Other factors are environmental, for example: what your parents were like, your early childhood experiences, the culture you grew up in, etc. Although some people may be more likely to become shy because of a part of their genes, this does not mean that they will become shy for sure. It also means that someone without the “shyness causing gene” may also become shy if put into the right environment.

Although genetic factors do come into play when causing shyness, it doesn’t mean that shyness is a part of your genes like most people would assume. Your shyness is not permanent and can be overcome regardless of your biology.

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