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About Charles Linden

It is no surprise that many people who choose to specialize and conquer anxiety disorders have experienced anxiety disorders themselves. They have learned how to work with their conditions, and even recover from them, and now want to share those experiences and methods with others.Charles Linden

Charles Linden has suffered from everything from obsessive-compulsive disorder to panic attacks and agoraphobia. Any one of those is difficult to bear, but having several anxiety disorders for an extended period of time can be debilitating. He has a wide range of experience with dealing with all sorts of mental health conditions, from patients and from himself.

Like many people with anxiety disorders, he showed signs of anxiety disorders from a very early age: from twelve to fourteen years of age in his case. Anxiety disorders unfortunately tend to get worse as patients mature, often reaching a peak in your twenties. At only twenty-three years old,

Charles Linden experienced a breakdown, and could not get any relief from the medications he was continually prescribed. He was similarly unsatisfied with most of the experts who tried to help. Anxiety disorders can be very difficult to treat, particularly when people have multiple anxiety disorders.

The anxiety conditions had progressed to the point where they were truly running his life, and affecting everyone around him. His agoraphobia had left him nearly psychologically paralyzed within his own home. In retrospect, it seems that even many of his psychologists were less than optimistic that he would ever make a full recovery, and they were the ones tasked with making it happen.

He experienced much more of a turning point when speaking with survivors of anxiety disorders, as if trying to reverse-engineer the process of recovery. Charles Linden was able to formulate a new method for the treatment of anxiety disorders, called the Linden Method: Anxiety and Panic Cure


The Linden Method stands out from similar methods, since it reflects the experiences of people who have successfully made their own personal breakthroughs in anxiety disorders. It is not simply from the perspective of a professional, but from the perspective of people who have had severe anxiety disorders and gotten results. It is an arrangement that gives current sufferers hope as well as a working protocol.

Since creating the Linden Method, Charles Linden has gone on to acquire much more experience in the field, and become something of a minor celebrity. He has his own private practice that has attracted considerable attention, and receives patients from everywhere.

Charles Linden is recognized within the field, as many psychiatrists and psychologists have referred patients to him and his practice. He has hosted popular events; his work has appeared in many popular publications and radio programs. Charles Linden has even become an authority with the International Association of Anxiety Management, serving as the chairman. His story is truly a success story as both a professional within the field of psychology, and as a patient who has recovered from severe mental health conditions.

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