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Anxiety Attacks

While the term Anxiety Attack is quite common it is not a formal or clinical term, but rather a term used by average people to describe a variety of anxious feelings from the normal anxiety one feels when interviewing for a job or taking a big exam to more serious feelings of fears or terror without any known cause.

What most people call severe anxiety attacks are actually panic attacks. A large number of the population has a panic attack at one time or another, but if panic attacks occur often and begin to interfere with daily living then chances are you are suffering from a panic disorder and will need professional help in order to help learn to control and eventually overcome such attacks.

Severe anxiety attacks or panic attacks usually occur without warning and are accompanied by severe physical symptoms including rapid heart beat, difficulty in breathing, sweating, clammy skin. Many times, a severe anxiety attack can mimic a heart attack, which often increases the feelings of panic.

Anxiety Attack

Dealing with Panic or an Anxiety Attack

There are ways that you can lessen a panic or anxiety attack once it occurs as well as stop one before it begins. Oddly enough one of the best things you can do, to lessen a panic attack while it is occurring is to admit to yourself you are having one. Most professionals believe that simple act of acknowledging what is happening serves to calm a person and shorten the duration of the attack while lessening it’s severity.

In cases, where anxiety attacks occur over and over causing a panic disorder, professionals suggest that sufferers keep a record of when such attacks occur, how they feel just prior to the onset of an attack, and any outside stimuli that seems to always be present just before an attack occurs. By being able to pinpoint times, or stimuli that leads to an anxiety attack, the sufferer can find ways to prevent or at least manage the attack.

Something as simple as drinking a glass of water or walking around when you feel an anxiety attack coming on can help to stave off an attack. When one does occur concentrating on breathing exercises can help shorten the length of the attack as well as lessen the severity.

However, as effective as different measures may be, the real key is to find effective ways to help reduce stress, which can cause anxiety attacks. In some cases, professional help and medication are sometimes needed, while in other cases, changes in diet, getting proper exercise and learning some relaxation techniques may be all that is needed to help you permanently cure your attacks.

If anxiety attacks are beginning to interfere with your life, then seeking professional help is essential to getting these attacks under control permanently. It often takes some time to establish that you are actually having an anxiety attack instead of a medical emergency and it can take even longer to find out what may be causing the attacks and finding an effective way to deal with them. But, don’t give up, there is relief for these frightening attacks.

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